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SSH.COM is retiring CryptoAuditor and offers instead our modern, highly scalable unified access management and auditing solution, PrivX.

What is PrivX?

PrivX is lean access management and auditing software for IT Admins and other privileged users. PrivX enables you to control access to servers, network devices and other critical infrastructure according to user roles and privileges. PrivX combines access control functionalities with audit and monitoring capabilities for a unified solution to help you comply with standards and best practices. A cloud-native solution, PrivX is based on scalable architecture and offers virtually unlimited connections.

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Lean, Modern PAM

  • Visibility only to authorized resources

  • Secure access to web apps

  • Browser-based SSH & RDP connectivity to target hosts, including support for native clients

  • Federate users from Microsoft AD or OIDC providers

Audit & Monitor

  • Record & replay sessions

  • Integrate with SIEMs and external log collectors such as AWS CloudWatch or Azure Event Hub

  • View connection-specific audit events and transferred files

  • Download transferred files for detailed inspection

Just-in-time Access

  • Administrative access for just the duration needed

  • Restrict access to a specific Windows app on remote Windows server

  • Time-based temporary access for 3rd parties

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A lean PAM build with a cloud-first approach.

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