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The US Patent Office has granted SSH Communications Security Corporation a further patent for PrivX® technology

Helsinki, Finland – February 15, 2022 - The US Patent Office (USPTO) has granted SSH patent number US 11,233,783 that covers the use of emergency credentials for Internet of Things (IoT) connections established using ephemeral certificate-based passwordless access such as provided by SSH PrivX technology.

The invention further increases the reliability of PrivX based access management especially for IoT and OT applications through emergency credentials, which enables certain more limited actions to be performed even when a connection to the authentication center is lost. This ensures continued secure access to critical systems, applications, and data even in such special circumstances.

High security and tolerance to different circumstances such as fault situations emerging in industrial environment are key requirements for the success of IoT applications. The patented invention allows a unique combination of extremely secure passwordless access and tolerance of fault situations in IoT industry.

“We are gratified that the US Patent Office has yet again recognized the uniqueness of our PrivX technology and granted this patent,” said Dr. Teemu Tunkelo, CEO of SSH “The patent further strengthens the differentiation of PrivX against its competitors and provides SSH a sustainable competitive advantage in next-generation Privileged Access Management (PAM) market. The patented invention is especially important for security-conscious IoT and OT industries which are some of our key market opportunities.”

SSH has an extensive portfolio of patents or patent applications covering all key products and creates shareholder value by giving SSH both the freedom to operate and significant product differentiation.


Teemu Tunkelo

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