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SSH announces SSH Deltagon Suite for Secure Information Sharing (SIS)

Helsinki, Finland – March 22, 2022 - SSH has announced the availability of the SSH Deltagon Suite for producing, sending, signing, collecting, and sharing confidential and sensitive data across organizations in a highly secure fashion.

The Suite consists of secure encrypted emails, workspaces, signatures, and web forms. It protects the processing and sharing of vital business information with robust security not available in standard information sharing tools. SSH Deltagon Suite supports deployments in cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

With SSH Deltagon Suite, customers can apply the appropriate level of restrictions for their critical communications based on organizational roles or the sensitivity category of the data. Examples include enforcing access controls to information, restricting access to documents and limiting the actions that can be taken on the information, including editing, sharing, forwarding or signing.

"Organizations are paying more attention to their cybersecurity maturity level. Data categorization is key to seeing the sensitivity, criticality, and value of various data pools. Organizations need to understand that confidential, sensitive, or secret business data cannot be collaborated on with everyday sharing tools,” says Dr. Teemu Tunkelo, CEO of SSH. 

“And the user experience needs to be intuitive, “Mr. Tunkelo continues. “With the Deltagon Suite, the collaborating businesses or third parties do not need to install extra components. They also do not need to change the way they have used other information sharing tools in the past. The difference is that the data is encrypted end-to-end also over the public cloud, all identities can always be verified, and encryption can be set to be automatic for selected types of information. We want to give our customers complete control and ownership over how they share sensitive information.”

More information about data categorization in the Essential Guide to Securing Critical Business Communications and Data Sharing.

Learn more about the  SSH Deltagon Suite here.

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