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Swedish investment bank Redeye to start coverage of SSH.COM

Helsinki, Finland – April 07, 2021 – SSH.COM has signed an agreement with the technology sector-focused Swedish investment bank Redeye ( to initiate research coverage of SSH.COM. The initial report is expected in June 2021.

SSH.COM CFO Niklas Nordström comments: “SSH.COM is committed to improving the diversity, amount, quality, and international reach of information available to investors. The cooperation with Redeye supports this aim and brings a new perspective to SSH.COM investors. The coverage by Redeye will give investors more wide-ranging information about the fundamentals and future prospects of our business.”

Nordström continues: ”This is a good time to increase the amount of information available to our investors: we have renewed our strategy and organization and we are also undergoing a business model transition. Redeye’s key strengths are its international outlook and familiarity with technology companies and their business models – we believe these assets to be valuable to SSH.COM investors and potential investors.”

Redeye reports will be available without charge on SSH.COM and Redeye websites. SSH.COM will announce the availability of the research after the initial report has been published.


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