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Major Global Fortune 500 Financial Services Institution Significantly Extends SSH's Universal SSH Key Manager® Installation

Helsinki, Finland – December 14, 2022 - A major global Fortune 500 financial services institution is expanding their Universal SSH Key Manager® (UKM) to cover their entire corporate network, taking full control of all the millions of SSH keys in use today.

This three-year expansion contract is fully based on our subscription model. It covers customer’s current global IT estate with a value of more than EUR 1.4 M. The initial contract period is three years.

The customer has been using SSH solutions for years and is now following our land and expand approach with a stepwise expansion of the span of control with our UKM solution. UKM will control and automate customer’s SSH key lifecycle management and enforce compliant access control.

Large enterprises need to control their SSH keys better

The customer has hundreds of offices worldwide and tens of thousands of users and servers with millions of keys to manage transparently in the digital space. Due to large server volumes, heterogeneous platforms, and wide software and vendor diversity, the customer’s IT environment requires strict management of SSH key practice implemented with the support of UKM.

"This significant expansion from one of our major financial services customers shows the value of UKM. Large enterprises may have up to millions of key pairs authorizing often automated access to company secrets, with limited or no auditability of the activity in the invisible digital landscape. I am delighted that we can help a major financial services provider to manage their complex key environment more accurately and transparently," says SSH's CEO, Dr. Teemu Tunkelo.

Manage, monitor, control, and audit trail also in the Zero Trust age

The customer relies on UKM because of its unmatched approach to SSH key management, providing capabilities to manage, centrally monitor and control SSH keys across their entire corporate network and secure their secrets. UKM enables further improvement in secrets management by seamlessly adding the UKM Zero Trust Edition to remove everlasting access for the anonymous holders of historical SSH keys.


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