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The Latest PrivX OT Edition brings more sophisticated Secure Remote Access (SRA) to ICS/OT Environments

Helsinki, Finland – February 17, 2022 - A new version of PrivX OT Edition is now available to our industrial and manufacturing customers.

Managing secure remote access to servers, applications, and network devices is the core functionality of PrivX. For these connections, PrivX provides Role Based Access Control (RBAC) with Session Recording and Audit events. Built-in Workflow/approval process enables automating and managing the authorizations Just-in-Time and with Just-Enough-Access.

With this new version, our industrial customers can control access to a wider range of OT targets. This improves security and automation in privileged access management to critical OT environments, which enables process optimization and secures uptime in production.

Industrial environments often have proprietary systems, e.g., PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) or DCS (Distributed Control System) that are using proprietary process automation protocols like Modbus, Profibus, PROFINET, and SCADA. Normally secure remote access to these systems is controlled by firewalls and VPN tunnels. These solutions alone do not provide the needed granularity and are complex to maintain due to user-level access management.

PrivX OT Edition aligns your existing legacy network environment with Zero Trust access control mechanisms leveraging your existing Firewall and VPN investments. Network-level Role Based Access Control enables smooth control of automation systems access using protocol-agnostic connections. PrivX OT Edition enables on- and off-site operators and administrators, maintenance staff, and 3rd party vendors a secure and fast, one-click Zero Trust, Just-in-time access to the widest range of OT targets. PrivX OT Edition is a centrally managed system that helps customers to meet their IEC62443 and ISO27001 certification and regulation goals. PrivX OT Edition improves the security posture in operational technology environments in an efficient way.

SSH is a partner in the EU project CHARM ECSEL JU, a pan-European collaboration to develop Smart industrial IoT and AI solutions with an improved tolerance towards harsh industrial surroundings. The project has 37 partners such as Valmet and Sandvik.

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For more information on PrivX OT and PrivX 22, please visit: Blog - Secure Remote Access to OT/IIoT Assets


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