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End-to-end passwordless


Every endpoint,
identity and access. Continuously verified.

Adopt passwordless, biometric MFA identity validation and access management for critical IT and OT infrastructures with a joint solution from Beyond Identity and SSH.

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Device trust, identity and access continuously verified

Adopt passwordless, biometric MFA identity validation, endpoint trust, and privileged access management for critical IT and OT infrastructures.

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Trust built-in from the endpoint to the critical target

Ensure user, device, and session trust with strong, biometric authentication and by eliminating passwords and authentication keys from the process. Grant only the right level of access to the right target at the right time for the right identity in a true Zero Trust fashion for privileged users. Continuously validate user identity and device security throughout the session and terminate at-risk connections, increasing the security posture of critical IT and OT environments.

This solution is also a part of our modular SSH Zero Trust Suite. Learn more about Zero Trust Suite >>>


Device trust with strong authentication

Verify users and devices with modern multi-factor and/or biometric authentication built for zero trust. Ensure compliance with fine-grained security checks, immutable event logs, and privileged session recordings or monitoring.


Protect IT and OT infrastructures

Grant verified role-based privileged access to valuable targets in IT and industrial environments with workflow approvals, access level restrictions per task, and automatic revocation of access once the job is done.


Eliminate credential-based breaches

Eliminate cyberattacks that start with stolen credentials, passwords, and phishable MFA - that's 85% of all cyberattacks. Embrace passwordless authentication for regular and privileged users alike.


Enforce risk-based continuous authentication

Capitalize on real-time user and device risk signals to make dynamic access decisions at the time of authentication and continuously thereafter. Terminate critical sessions automatically if endpoint security posture changes.


Multi-cloud, hybrid, and industrial targets as one

Enjoy a single pane of glass to multiple targets in IT and OT with consistent user experience and uniform auditing. Enjoy end-to-end passwordless authentication and authorization.


Migrate to Just-in-Time Zero Trust security

Forget the pain of vaulting, rotating, and managing passwords in most use cases. Grant passwordless access just-in-time for the session without users ever seeing or handling the secrets needed to establish the connection. The secrets expire automatically after authentication.

How does it work?



1. Verify identity, device, and location

With biometric authentication. Add multi-factor authentication (MFA) if needed. No passwords or keys.

2. Enjoy always-on verification

Continuously verify the legitimacy of the session in case of anomalies or unwarranted privilege escalations.

3. Grant access to the target

The right identity to the right target with the right level of privileges to get the job done.

4. Track, audit, and monitor

Get an audit trail of activities on individuals, record sessions if needed or monitor them live.


1_roundPerimeter security

VPNs ​
Firewalls ​
Network segmenting and monitoring​
Key vaults​
Primarily on-prem

2_roundHybrid cloud

On-premises and cloud​
Vaults and keyless​
Password rotation and passwordless
Firewalls/VPNs and Zero Trust

3_roundZero Trust

Cloud native and supports hybrid environments ​
Keyless + passwordless​
Automated + immutable
Just-in-time (JIT) access + Just enough access (JEA)
Role based access control (RBAC)

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the future of ssh access and credentials management

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Manage both passwords and SSH keys with least management effort and with minimal number of always-on credentials. No complex management solutions. Reduced management overhead. All Zero Trust and just-in-time aligned. Fill in the form to get your copy >>>




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