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Generating Product Installation Jobs

Tailoring of the required installation jobs is performed from the Generate installation jobs (1 GENJ) submenu. This step merely generates the jobs; nothing is run at this stage. You should inspect the generated jobs carefully, as well as verify them with TYPRUN=SCAN on the generated job cards. The JCLs must be run by the authorized installing user to have effect.

Selecting any of the options in this panel will result in the presentation of a file-tailored JCL job to perform the task in question. You can also use the 99 GENALL option to generate all the jobs at once.

Table 2.3. Generate Installation Jobs submenu (1 GENJ)

1.1 INSTUSER Grant permissions to user doing install
1.2 CPGMCTL Ensure C library program-controlled
1.3 ADDSSHDU Set up SSH Server user
1.4 ADDSOXPU Set up SOCKS Proxy Server user
1.5 CSFSERV ICSF permissions
1.6 SERVAUTH Port 22 control
1.7 SAVE (Save previous installation key data)
1.8 ZFS Define installation ZFS
1.9 LOAD Load installation ZFS
1.10 RESTORE (Restore previous installation key data)
1.11 SYMLINK Create /opt/tectia symlink
1.12 SSZLIBS Sample JCL and PARM libraries
1.13 PROCLIB Set up started task procedures
1.14 LICENCE Install licenses from supplied tarball
1.15 KEYGEN Generate server host keys
1.99 GENALL Generate all jobs