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Data Set Access Using DD Cards

When running the client programs scpg3 and sftpg3 in JCL, the _BPX_SHAREAS environment variable must be set to no. Local data sets can be allocated by using DD cards. For the DD cards to work, BPXBATSL must be used instead of BPXBATCH. BPXBATSL uses local spawn and forces scpg3 and sftpg3 to run in the original address space where the DD information is available.

The following sftpg3 commands cannot be used with DD names:

  • rm (remove file)

  • rename

  • mkdir

  • rmdir

Empty data sets cannot be read when referred to by DD names.

For correct syntax, see the SCPPUT and SCPGET2 examples in Unattended File Transfers.