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Stopping ssh-broker-g3

You can stop the Connection Broker by executing one of the following commands.

  • Under USS:

    $ /opt/tectia/bin/ssh-broker-g3 --exit


    $ /opt/tectia/etc/init.d/ssh-broker-g3 stop


    $ /opt/tectia/bin/ssh-broker-ctl stop

    If you run ssh-broker-ctl using a different user ID than ssh-broker-g3, give also the -a (alias for --broker-address) option and run ssh-broker-ctl as a privileged user (root).

    For example, when user SSHBRKR owns the ssh-broker-g3 process:

    # /opt/tectia/bin/ssh-broker-ctl -a /tmp/ssh-SSHBRKR/ssh-broker stop
  • Under MVS, when you are running the Connection Broker as a started task:

    == > s sshbrkr,f=exit


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