File Transfers Using REXX Scripts and a JCL Procedure

Tectia Server for IBM z/OS contains example file transfer procedure and REXX functions for scpg3, sftpg3, and sshg3 client applications.

The following PROC, REXX functions, and examples can be found from SAMPLIB and they can be easily modified according to the customer environment and needs. The REXX functions can also be called from user-written REXX programs.

  • SSZJSAMP: Comprehensive JCL example file containing file transfer and remote command examples

  • SSZJSFTP: Example JCL file for running multiple sftpg3 commands

  • SSZP: JCL Procedure for running REXX functions

  • SSZRED: REXX function for miscellaneous editing

  • SSZSTD: REXX function for printing standard out and standard error

  • SSZRFT: REXX function for executing multiple sftpg3 commands

  • SSZRPUT: REXX function for single file put (sput)

  • SSZRGET: REXX function for single file get (sget)

  • SSZRSSH: REXX function for running remote commands using Secure Shell

Enabling the File Transfer JCL Procedure

By default, the JCL prodecure is set to run from the default SAMPLIB location, //'&SYSUID..SSZ.SRVR63.SAMPLIB'. If the procedure and REXX functions are run from some other location, modify the EXECLIB parameter on the SSZP procedure accordingly.

Example 1: SSZJSFTP

In this example multiple sftpg3 file transfer commands are run using the SSZP procedure:

//             PARM='SSZRFT'
sget text_file.txt //'USERID.TEST.DATA.SET'
sput //'USERID.TEST.DATA.SET' demo_file.txt 
sget demo_file.txt //PDS(MEM2) 
rm demo_file.txt 
sput //'USERID.PDS(MEM2)' member2 
lsite O=FB R=80
sget jcl.txt //'USERID.JCLLIB(JCL1)'