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Product Components

Tectia client tools for z/OS consist of the following components:

  • Connection Broker: ssh-broker-g3, ssh-broker-ctl

  • Secure Shell command-line tools: sshg3, scpg3, sftpg3

  • Auxiliary command-line tools: ssh-keygen-g3, ssh-keydist-g3, ssh-keyfetch, ssh-cmpclient-g3, ssh-scepclient-g3, ssh-certview-g3, ssh-ekview-g3

  • SOCKS Proxy binaries: ssh-socks-proxy, ssh-socks-proxy-ctl

  • SOCKS Proxy init script: /opt/tectia/etc/init.d/ssh-socks-proxy

For more information on the command-line tools, see Appendix B.