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SSH Tectia

Using the OpenSSH known_hosts File

SSH Tectia client tools for z/OS supports also the OpenSSH-style known-hosts file that contains the public key data of known server hosts. The location of the file must be defined in the ssh-broker-config.xml file by using the known-hosts element. For example:

  <known-hosts path="/home/username/.ssh/known_hosts" />

You can disable OpenSSH known-hosts handling by adding an empty setting: known-hosts path="".

The file is never automatically updated by SSH Tectia client tools for z/OS. New host keys are always stored in the SSH Tectia $HOME/.ssh2/hostkeys directory or the directory configured in ssh-broker-config.xml. See known-hosts for details.

The host key(s) in the file must be in plaintext format. OpenSSH-style hashed host keys are not supported.