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SSH Tectia

Running Connection Broker

The Connection Broker component consists of two processes:

  • ssh-broker-g3: the SSH Tectia Connection Broker process

  • ssh-broker-ctl: control process for the Connection Broker. It can be used, for example, to view the status of the Connection Broker, to reconfigure or stop the Connection Broker, or to load private keys to memory.

Normally, there is no need to start the ssh-broker-g3 process separately. The sshg3, scpg3, and sftpg3 client programs start it automatically in the background, and stop it when the client program is stopped.

If you are running several tunneling or file transfer jobs for a single user and do not want that a separate ssh-broker-g3 process starts each time one of these jobs is run, you can start ssh-broker-g3 in persistent mode. After that, all client programs run by the user will use the same instance of ssh-broker-g3. This saves system resources. The Connection Broker can be started under USS, or by using a JCL script or started task.




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