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Important Directories and Files in USS

/opt/tectia symlink

Symbolic link to the zFS (Space: 200 MB, 200 Cyls, read/write) that contains executable binaries, setup scripts, configuration files, server key files, manual pages, documentation, license agreement, example JCL scripts.

After installation, Tectia Server for IBM z/OS consists of a directory structure under the zFS file system defined for it. The zFS is mounted onto a mount point defined at installation, and pointed to by the /opt/tectia symlink.


Contains global Tectia information and configuration files, such as:

  • sshd2_config: the main server configuration file

  • ssh-broker-config.xml: the global Connection Broker configuration file

  • ssh_ftadv_config: the global file transfer advice profile configuration file

  • hostkey: the default server host private key


Contains user-specific information and configuration files.


Contains server process ID files and default STDOUT and STDERR files.


Contains a temporary user-specific file that is valid while the user process is running.

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