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Identity and Access Management for Secure Shell Environments

Secure Shell is the de facto standard for securing data-in-transit and remote system administration. The vast majority of large enterprises and government organizations around the world rely on Secure Shell to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of business critical IT functions. However, Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol and not in of itself a security solution. Poorly managed deployments of Secure Shell expose organizations to data breach, denial of service and compliance failures.

The Information Assurance Platform from SSH Communications Security Corporation is a modular solution that brings governance to Secure Shell environments. The core solutions of the Information Assurance Platform deliver the following:

  • Deployment. Use reliable and supported SSH software for securing critical IT functions.

  • Management. Centrally manage and update the Secure Shell software environment. Control distribution, configuration and use of Secure Shell software and authentication keys.

  • Visibility. Gain visibility into encrypted communications and data transfers. Enable SIEM, DLP, audit and forensics.

Put simply, organizations that deploy the Information Assurance Platform lower their risk of catastrophic data breaches, gain compliance to industry and governmental security mandates while reducing costs. A managed Secure Shell environment is more secure and less expensive to operate.


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