Tectia Solutions

Two of the most important assets any modern, networked company has are information and people - the company employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders. The business side of operations has a say on how the information is shared, when, to whom, and at what cost. In addition, companies are required to comply with data security regulations and to manage the exchange of confidential information, such as their customers' credit card information, in an auditable manner.

Tectia offers a suite of information security solutions that can address all four sides of the equation - how to secure, automate, manage, and share the information.

Tectia SAMS Solution

Figure 1.1. Tectia SAMS Solution

Tectia Client and Server are included in the Tectia Secure Solutions, which help businesses to secure their data in transit with encryption. Tectia Client and Server are the core products for secure file transfers and secure remote connections.