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SSH Tectia

Chapter 3 Key Applications for SSH Tectia

The SSH Tectia client/server solution is available for IBM mainframes and most Unix platforms. For Microsoft Windows, client and server are available with a graphical user interface, and SSH Tectia Connector is a component that provides application tunneling. SSH Tectia is an ideal light-weight solution for secure remote logins and file transfer for system administration purposes, automated file transfers, and secure use of e-mail and other business applications.

SSH Tectia Connector and SSH Tectia Client work with any type of Internet (TCP/IP) connection - ADSL, ISDN, modem, Ethernet, WLAN, PPPoE - thus making them widely applicable, totally independent of the network topology, and independent of network address translations or other features that may burden some other security solutions.

The solution has been introduced to countless systems and networks around the world, and the Secure Shell technology is widely used in IP connection security.

The following sections describe the main features of the SSH Tectia client/server solution.

Application areas for SSH Tectia

Figure 3.1. Application areas for SSH Tectia