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SSH Tectia

Secure Application Connectivity

SSH Tectia Client and Server can be used to replace any unsecured Telnet-based terminal connections to business-critical enterprise applications. Through strong encryption and data integrity, the SSH Tectia client/server solution protects sensitive data and passwords against unauthorized access, facilitating compliance with regulations and best practices. Strong authentication of users is supported through broad integration with third-party authentication systems, including RSA SecurID and PKI (public-key infrastructure).

SSH Tectia Server with Tunneling Expansion Pack and SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS, with the SSH Tectia Connector product in the client-side, allow transparent tunneling of TCP/IP-based applications without changing the end-user experience or requiring any application-specific modifications, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

SSH Tectia Connector is a transparent end-user client that provides dynamic tunneling of client/server connections without the need to re-configure the tunneled applications. SSH Tectia Connector is started automatically when the user logs on to the Windows workstation. It works silently in the background, protecting network connections according to the security policies.

SSH Tectia Client can also be used for application protection using its static application tunneling features. By configuring an application to connect to a local port running SSH Tectia Client, the Client can be used to tunnel the application to a specified remote host.

For more information, see Secure Application Connectivity with Application Login and Secure TN3270 Application Connectivity to IBM Mainframes.




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