Controlling the Server from ISPF

You can manage SSH tasks via the SSH Task submenu. Started tasks may be started, stopped and modified here, provided that the user is properly authorized and that the started task procedure has been generated and installed.

The available actions for controlling the SSH server (sshd2) are listed in Table 3.1.

Table 3.1. Controlling the SSH server (4.1 TSRV)

4.1.1 TSRVSStart the SSH server
4.1.2 TSRVPStop the SSH server
4.1.3 TSRVRRestart the SSH server
4.1.4 TSRVRFRestart the SSH server, killing connections
4.1.5 TSRVQVQuery the version of the running server
4.1.6 TSRVTRTurn trace on or off in the running SSH server
4.1.7 TSRVOPSet options for starting the SSH server