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Permission Requirements

/tmp directory
  • Must exist

  • Must be user-writeable

  • Must have the sticky bit attribute on

The user account installing the product must
  • Have an OMVS segment

  • Be UID 0

  • Have write access to the /opt directory


    Tectia Server for IBM z/OS does not need to be installed in /opt/; a 'tectia' symlink under /opt can be used to point to the installation directory of your choice.

  • Read access to the BPX.FILEATTR.PROGCTL facility

User accounts that run Tectia client programs must
  • Have an OMVS segment

  • Optional: Have a home directory. It is required if public key user authentication is used or if the account requires user-specific configuration, for example, profiles for remote hosts.

Library requirements
  • CEE.SCEERUN and CEE.SCEERUN2 libraries must be available in LPALIB or LNKLST

  • CEE.SCEERUN2 must be program-controlled

TCP permissions

The server must be allowed to listen to port 22 (or other configured Secure Shell port).




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