Transferring Installation Package to Mainframe and Unpacking It

Transfer the installation package from your PC to the mainframe using FTP:

> ftp <z/OS_user_ID>@<z/OS_server's_IP_address>
ftp> binary
ftp> cd /tmp
ftp> lcd <Windows_directory_where_the_installation_package_is>
ftp> put <Full_name_of_your_installation_package>

To unpack the transferred installation package in USS, enter the following commands:

> cd /tmp
> tar xvf tectia-server-zos-<version>.<build>-ibmzos_1_10-com.tar
> cd tectia-server-zos-<version>.<build>-ibmzos_1_10-com
> tar xvzf ssh-tectia-server-zos-<version>.<build>-ibmzos_1_10.tar.Z
> cd ssh-tectia-server-zos-<version>.<build>