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Unpacking the Installation Package

The contents of the installation package are binary programs and EBCDIC text files. Use binary mode to copy the package and unpack it without coded character set conversion.

Before copying and unpacking the installation package, make sure that the temporary directory has at least 300 MB of free space.

To unpack the installation package, do the following:

  1. Unpack the online package tectia-server-zos-<version>.<b>-ibmzos_1_10-comm.tar to a suitable temporary location, for example /tmp in the USS file system, with the following commands:

    (In the commands, <version> indicates the product release version (for example, 6.3.11) and <b> indicates the current build number of the package.)

    > cd /tmp
    > tar xvf tectia-server-zos-<version>.<b>-ibmzos_1_10-comm.tar

    This will create the directory /tmp/tectia-server-zos-<version>-ibmzos_1_10-comm that contains the ssh-tectia-server-zos-<version>.<b>-ibmzos_1_10.tar.Z package.

  2. Unpack the ssh-tectia-server-zos-<version>.<b>-ibmzos_1_10.tar.Z package with the following commands:

    > cd tectia-server-zos-<version>-ibmzos_1_10-comm
    > tar xvzf ssh-tectia-server-zos-<version>.<b>-ibmzos_1_10.tar.Z

    This will create the directory: