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SSH Tectia 
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Permission Requirements

The following permissions are required for installing and running SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS:

  • File system requirements

    Write access to the /usr/lpp and /etc directories is required during the installation.

  • User account requirements for installing the server

    • The setup script uses the extattr command to make the server program, /usr/lpp/ssh2/sbin/sshd2, program-controlled. To issue the command, the user account running the setup must have read access to the BPX.FILEATTR.PROGCTL facility.
    • The user account running the setup must have an OMVS segment and the UID 0.

  • User account requirements for running the server

    It is recommended that a user account, SSHD2, is created for running SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS, see Section Creating the SSHD2 User:

    • The user account running the server must have an OMVS segment and the UID 0.
    • If the BPX.DAEMON FACILITY class profile is defined, the user must have read access to it.

  • User account requirements for using SSH Tectia client programs

    • Required: An OMVS segment
    • Optional: A home directory, needed only for storing host keys or public keys

  • Library requirements

    • CEE.SCEERUN and CEE.SCEERUN2 libraries must be available in LPALIB or LNKLST.
    • CEE.SCEERUN2 must be program-controlled.

  • TCP permissions

    The server must be allowed to listen to port 22 (or other configured Secure Shell port).

  • Permissions for storing keys in SAF

    If the server host key or the user keys are going to be stored in the System Authorization Facility (SAF), additional permissions are required.

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