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Files Used in This Example

The following files will be modified or, if they do not already exist, created during this example:


The Tectia SOCKS Proxy configuration file ssh-socks-proxy-config.xml will in this example be created from the example configuration file ssh-socks-proxy-config-example.xml.

<USERID>.FTP.DATA (where <USERID> is your user ID) or TCPIP.FTP.DATA

If <USERID>.FTP.DATA does not exist, FTP will default to TCPIP.FTP.DATA. If you want these settings to be used only for <USERID>, you should create and use <USERID>.FTP.DATA as shown in this example.


This file can be called anything and placed anywhere (including as data set) as long as <USERID>.FTP.DATA or TCPIP.FTP.DATA point to the correct file. In this example /opt/tectia/etc/socks.conf will be created and used.




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