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FTADV in the File Transfer Command

Enter the FTADV data directly into the file transfer command in a file transfer advice string.

For example, to make sure that the data in the file that is being fetched is treated as binary, use the file transfer advice string /FTADV:X=BIN/:

sftp> get /FTADV:X=BIN/test.txt

This overrides the settings defined in the ssh_ftadv_config file described in File Transfer Profiles.

The following table lists some of the commonly used file transfer advice string names with their abbreviations, possible values and short descriptions. Consult the Tectia Server for IBM z/OS User Manual for a complete list of the available file transfer advice string names and their detailed descriptions.

Table 3.1. Commonly Used Advice Strings

Advice StringDescription
BLKSIZE|B|BLOCKSI=sizeSpecifies the maximum block size.
CONDDISP|CO=CATLG|UNCATLG|KEEP|DELETESpecifies the disposition of the output file when a file transfer ends prematurely.
FILE_STATUS|STATUS=NEW|MOD|SHR|OLDDefines the status of a data set. If entered, the value will be used when allocating the data set.
FILETYPE|FILET=SEQ|JESSpecifies whether to interface with the file system or with the z/OS Job Entry Subsystem (JES).
FIXRECFM|FI=lengthThe data set organization is set to FB and the fixed record length is set to length.
LIKE=likeSpecifies the name of a model data set from which the RECFM, BLKSIZE, and LRECL attributes are to be copied.
LRECL|R|LR=lengthMaximum record length or fixed record length
NORMDISP|NOR=CATLG|UNCATLG|KEEP|DELETESpecifies the data set disposition to be used after a file transfer that ends normally.
PRIMARY_SPACE|PRI=spacePrimary space allocation for a data set.
PROFILE|P|PROF=profileThe file transfer profile specifies the named profile used for the file transfer.
RECFM|O|REC=recfmSpecifies the data set organization.
SPACE_UNIT|SU=BLKS|TRKS|CYLS|AVGRECLENSpecifies the unit of space allocation for a data set.
TRANSFER_CODESET|C|CODESET=codesetSpecifies the code set of the data during transfer.
TRANSFER_FILE_CODESET|D|FCODESET=codesetSpecifies the code set of the data in the data set.
TRANSFER_FILE_LINE_DELIMITER|J|FLDELIM=UNIX|MVS|MVS-FTP|DOS|MAC|NELSpecifies the newline convention used in the (source or destination) file.
TRANSFER_LINE_DELIMITER|I|LDELIM=UNIX|MVS|MVS-FTP|DOS|MAC|NELSpecifies the newline convention used in the data that is transferred over the connection.
TRANSFER_MODE|X|MODE=BIN|TEXTSpecifies whether code set and line delimiter conversions are performed.




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