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MVS vs. UNIX Functional Comparison

Table A.2. Functional comparison between MVS and UNIX

Background workSubmit batch JCLsh_cmd &
Change working directoryISPF 3.4cd
Change local working directory (during FTP or SSH transfer in interactive mode)ISPF 3.4lcd
Change permissionsPERMITchmod
Configuration parametersSYS1.PARMLIB/etc
Data managementDFSMS, HSMtar, cpio, pax
DebugTSO TESTdbx
Delete file or directoryISPF 3.2 Drm
EditorISPF 2ed, sed, oedit, ishell
Initiate new taskATTACH, LINK, XCTLfork(), spawn()
Interactive accessLogon to TSOtelnet/rlogin to sh/tcsh
Job managementSDSFps, kill
List filesISPF 3.4, LISTCls
List user ID attributesLUid
Long running workStarted task (STC)daemon
Make directoryISPF 3.2 A PDSmkdir
Post IPL commandsCOMMNDxx/etc/rc
Power userRACF OPERATIONSsuperuser or root
Primary configurationIEASYSxxBPXPRMxx
Primary data indexMaster Catalogroot (“/”) directory
Procedural languageCLIST, REXXshell scripts, REXX
Program productsLNKLST/usr
Resident programsLPAsticky bit
System programsLNKLST/bin
Test programsSTEPLIB/sbin
User data&SYSUID or &SYSPREF/u/<username>
User identityuser/groupUID/GID




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