Setting Environment Variables in UNIX

If you want to use the Tectia file transfer clients (sftpg3 and scpg3), set the required environment variables either globally (for all users) in /etc/environment or per user in $HOME/.ssh2/environment.

The simplest way to do this is to copy the contents of SSHENV located in /opt/tectia/doc/zOS/SAMPLIB/ to your environment file. To copy to your user-specific environment file, enter:

> cp /opt/tectia/doc/zOS/SAMPLIB/SSHENV ~/.ssh2/environment

If you want to use sshg3 (requiring the use of shell), set the environment variables included in /opt/tectia/doc/zOS/SAMPLIB/sshsetenv in the user-specific $HOME/.profile (or in any other environment variable file you use).