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Starting the SOCKS Proxy

To run Tectia SOCKS Proxy as a started task, you can use the JCL procedure USER.PROCLIB(SSHSP) (note that the name, defined in 0.2 SETO, might differ from this default name). Before running the job, a user must be created for running the task (as described in Creating the SSHSP User). The user can be created by running the job generated by Tectia SSH Assistant action 1.4 ADDSOXPU.


Start the SOCKS Proxy with the following operator command:

===> S SSHSP

The ssh-socks-proxy job starts.


To start the SOCKS Proxy, enter option 4.3.1 TSXPS (Start the SOCKS Proxy server).

You should see the following console message:

 +SSZ3006I Task ssh-socks-proxy started


Under USS, Tectia SOCKS Proxy can be started by running the following command:

> /opt/tectia/bin/ssh-socks-proxy

For more information on the command-line options of ssh-socks-proxy, see the description of ssh-broker-g3 in Appendix Command-Line Tools and Man Pages of Tectia Server 6.6 for IBM z/OS User Manual.

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