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Removing the Tectia Server for IBM z/OS Software

To remove Tectia Server for IBM z/OS, run jobs U01ZDEL, U02UNIN and U03DELU in the Tectia SSH Assistant submenu 5 UTIL ("Utility jobs to manage the installation").

Tectia SSH Assistant Utility jobs to manage the installation (5 UTIL)

Figure 2.7. Tectia SSH Assistant Utility jobs to manage the installation (5 UTIL)

The three jobs achieve the following:

  1. U01ZDEL - Delete the previous installation ZFS


    Use this job only if you are sure the ZFS is no longer needed, that is, if the product is to be uninstalled or has been successfully upgraded into a different ZFS.

  2. U02UNIN - Delete the SSZ installation dataset


    This job will delete all data set components of the SSZ installation: started task procedures, samples, parms, as well as the /opt/tectia symlink.

  3. U03DELU - Delete the SSH server and SOCKS Proxy proxy users




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