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Running Two Servers on a Dual TCP/IP Stack

In this example we have two started tasks for two sshd2 servers: SSHD2 and SSHD2B.

  1. Configuration Files

    Create two separate configuration files for the two servers to maintain their PID files distinct. In this example we have files /opt/tectia/etc/sshd2_config and /opt/tectia/etc/sshd2b_config.

  2. PID Files

    The only difference between the two configuration files is the value of the PidFile keyword. It specifies the file where the process ID of the Server is written. For example, for SSHD2 in /opt/tectia/etc/sshd2_config the PidFile keyword has the default value:

    PidFile     /opt/tectia/var/run/

    For SSHD2B in /opt/tectia/etc/sshd2b_config we specify the PID file

    PidFile     /opt/tectia/var/run/
  3. TCP/IP Stacks

    In this example started tasks SSHD2 and SSHD2B use TCP/IP stacks TCPIP and TCPIPB, respectively.

    You can specify the TCP/IP stack using the environment variable _BPXK_SETIBMOPT_TRANSPORT. You can set it in the STDENV DD for BPXBATxx jobs, for example for SSHD2B:

    //SSHD2B  PROC OPTS='-f /opt/tectia/etc/sshd2b_config' 1
    //            PARM=('PGM /opt/tectia/sbin/sshd2 -F &OPTS')
    //        DD  DSN=<HLQ>.V650.PARMLIB(TCPIPB),DISP=SHR 2
    //STDIN    DD  DUMMY
    //        PEND 

    The sshd2 configuration file is specified with the -f option.


    The _BPXK_SETIBMOPT_TRANSPORT environment variable is set in <HLQ>.V650.PARMLIB(TCPIPB):


    (Replace TCPIPB with the name of your TCP/IP stack.)


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