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Setting Options for Starting the Server


You can enter command options (described in detail in sshd2 Options) as an OPTS parameter on the start. For example, configuration file options are entered in the following format (where keyword is a configuration file keyword):

===> S SSHD2,OPTS='-okeyword=value'

For example, to set SftpSmfType to TYPE119, enter:

===> S SSHD2,OPTS='-oSftpSmfType=TYPE119'

The sshd2 started task can also be started with a user-specified job name:

===> s SSHD2,jobname=own_job_name

You can assign the SSHD2 user to the started task by defining the procedure in the STARTED class and entering the user ID in the STDATA segment, for example:



To set parameter options for starting the SSH server in ISPF, use the Tectia SSH Assistant option 4.1.7 TSRVOP (Set options for starting the SSH server).

The available options are described in detail in sshd2 Options.

The options you enter will be used when the server is started.

Tectia SSH Assistant ISPF application - Setting port number

Figure 3.2. Tectia SSH Assistant ISPF application - Setting port number

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