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Installing Licenses

Tectia Server and client tools for z/OS require valid licenses, which are provided separately.


The installation packages do not contain license files. You must request licenses from SSH technical support by creating a support case at

Once you have received the license package, do the following to extract the license files:

  1. Download the license package from the support case to your PC.

  2. Copy the license package to the mainframe in binary format using the FTP put command.

  3. Change to the directory you uploaded the license package to using the cd command.

  4. Extract the licenses with the following command:

    pax -rvf *.tar -o to=IBM-1047,from=ISO8859-1

    (The command will extract all .tar files in the directory. To change this, replace *.tar with the exact name of the license package on your mainframe.)


The license files will reside in a directory named after the license package they were extracted from. For example, if the license package is named lic.tar, and lic.tar resides in /tmp/ (i.e. /tmp/lic.tar), the extracted licenses will reside in directory /tmp/lic/.

The "list files" command

ls /tmp/lic/

should yield license file names such as:


The licenses must be installed by copying the license files to /opt/tectia/etc/licenses/ and making sure they are readable.

For example, if the licenses were extracted to /tmp/lic/, do the following:

umask  0022 1
mkdir  –p  /opt/tectia/etc/licenses 2
cp  /tmp/lic/*.dat  /opt/tectia/etc/licenses 3
chmod  a+rx  /opt/tectia/etc/licenses 4
chmod  a+r  /opt/tectia/etc/licenses/*.dat 5

Set the permissions for newly created files.


Create the /opt/tectia/etc/licenses license directory.


Copy the license files to the license directory.


Give all users read and execute permissions to the license directory.


Give all users read permissions to the license files.

The setup script described in Running the Setup Script will prompt you to install licenses as follows:

Tectia(tm) Server installation complete.

Licenses must now be installed. After obtaining them from SSH Support, copy 
them to /opt/tectia/etc/licenses/ and ensure they are readable.

By default, Tectia Server expects to find its license in the /opt/tectia/etc/licenses/ directory or as specified by the environment variable SSH_LICENSE_FILE. Tectia Client expects to find licenses in the directory /opt/tectia/etc/licenses/ by default, or as specified by the environment variable SSH_SECSH_LICENSE_DIR.

Licenses may also be stored in a PDS (FB 80 recommended), in which case the environment variables must be set. The member names of the individual licenses in the PDS are not significant.

The STDENV DD feature of BPXBATCH and family does not perform any shell-type variable processing so variables must be set exactly as required. Quotes are not stripped as in the shell. The following would be appropriate:

<other environment variable settings>

Alternatively, place the assignments in a file or member referred to by the STDENV DD.


The server license is a single file, whereas client licenses are files stored in a directory or PDS.




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