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Creating a User for Batch File Transfers

You can create users specifically for running Tectia Server for IBM z/OS file transfer batch jobs. Batch users need only an OMVS segment. They do not need TSO or passwords.

To create a user, for example SFTUSER, for running batch file transfers, do the following steps:

  1. Create a user, for example using RACF:

    OMVS(HOME('/u/SFTUSER') PROGRAM( /nologin ) UID(12345))

    The home directory and UID must be unique for each user.

  2. Create the USS home directory /u/SFTUSER for the SFTUSER user. Under it, create the .ssh2 subdirectory for storing the remote server host keys (and optionally user keys and the user-specific ssh-broker- config.xml configuration file). Make SFTUSER the owner of these directories:

    # mkdir /u/SFTUSER
    # mkdir /u/SFTUSER/.ssh2
    # chown -R SFTUSER /u/SFTUSER
    # chmod 700 /u/SFTUSER/.ssh2

If you use ACF2 for system security and have enabled the TSO Command Limiting list, the batch user must have BPXWRTCM permitted.

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