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SSH Tectia 
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ssh-socks-proxy-ctl accepts the following general options:

  • -a, --socks-proxy-address=ADDRESS

    Connect to separate SSH Tectia SOCKS Proxy process using the given address.

  • -D, --debug=LEVEL

    Sets the debug level string to LEVEL.

  • -e, --charset=CS

    Set output character set. The supported character sets are utf8, iso-8895-1, latin1, iso-8859-15, latin9, and ascii.

  • -q, --quiet

    Print little or no output, depending on the command.

  • -s, --short

    Shorter more machine-readable output.

  • -v, --verbose

    Print more information if available.

  • -w, --wide

    Do not truncate output even if it means long lines.

  • --time-format=FMT

    Set output time format. Default depends on system locale settings.

  • -V, --version

    Displays program version and exits.

  • -h, --help

    Displays help on command-line options and exits. Help is available also on specific commands. For example, to get help on the status command, run:

    ssh-socks-proxy-ctl status --help

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