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SSH Tectia 
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ssh-ekview(1)                                       ssh-ekview(1)

       ssh-ekview - external key viewer on z/OS

       ssh-ekview [options ] provider

       With ssh-ekview, you can export certificates from external
       key providers such as  zos-saf.   You  can  further  study
       these certificates with ssh-certview.

       This helps when you want to generate, for example, entries
       for ssh-certd map files. You might need to know  the  sub-
       ject names on the certificate.

       With  ssh-ekview,  you  can export the certificate and get
       the information you need from the certificates  with  ssh-

       -h      Displays a short help.

       -i info Uses  info  as  the  initialization string for the

       -k      Prints the keypaths only.

       -e keypath
               Exports certificates at keypath to files.

       -a      Exports all found certificates to files.

       -b base Uses base when printing integers. For example, the
               decimal 10 is 'a' in base-16.

       -D debug_level
               Prints  extensive  debug  information  to  stderr.
               debug_level is either a  number,  from  0  to  99,
               where  99  specifies  that  all  debug information
               should be displayed, or a comma-separated list  of
               assignments     of     the    format    ModulePat-
               tern=debug_level,  for   example   "*=10,sshd2=2".
               This  should  be the first argument on the command

       For example the following command will  dump  certificates
       from the zos-saf provider to files:

       ssh-ekview -a -i "keys(ring(TESTUSER1))" zos-saf

       SSH Communications Security Corp.

       For more information, see

       ssh-certview(1), ssh-certd(8), ssh_certd_config(5)

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