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SSH Tectia 
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        Environment Variables for Server and Client Applications
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        Running Client Programs
            Under USS
            Under MVS
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Running Client Programs

SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS contains three client-side applications. ssh2 is used for secure remote terminal sessions, remote command execution, and tunneling. scp2 and sftp2 are used for secure file transfers.

  • ssh2 is a secure replacement for Telnet and other unsecured terminal applications. ssh2 can also be used for remote command and job execution, and creating secure tunnels for TCP applications.
  • scp2 is a secure replacement for remote copy (rcp) and provides easy secure non-interactive file transfers.
  • sftp2 is a secure replacement for FTP and provides a user interface for interactive file transfers and a batch mode for unattended file transfers.

Under USS

Under MVS

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