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SSH Tectia 
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SSH-PROBE2(1)                  SSH2                 SSH-PROBE2(1)

       ssh-probe2  -  seeks  Secure  Shell servers from the local

       ssh-probe2 [-t timeout] [-r] [-s] [-d debug_level]  [-V  ]

       ssh-probe2  sends  a Secure Shell server query packet as a
       UDP datagram to the given  broadcast  addresses.   Servers
       that allow UDP queries respond to the query and ssh-probe2
       prints the addresses and version numbers of these servers.

       -t timeout
            Timeout  in  seconds.   This  is how long the program
            waits for server replies before exit.

       -r   Makes the output of the program  more  readable  than
            the raw list format suitable for scripts.

       -s   Inhibits output.  The success of the command can only
            be concluded from  the  exit  value.   In  this  mode
            option -r has no effect.

       -d debug_level
            Prints   extensive   debug   information  to  stderr.
            debug_level is either a number, from 0 to  99,  where
            99  specifies  that  all  debug information should be
            displayed, or a comma-separated list  of  assignments
            of  the format ModulePattern=debug_level, for example
            "*=10,sshd2=2".  This should be the first argument on
            the command line.

       -V   Print version information.

       ssh-probe2  returns  one  of  the following exit statuses.
       This may be useful in scripts.

       0      The broadcast was sent, and at least one reply  was

       1      The   broadcast  was  sent,  but  no  replies  were

       -1     An unspecified  error  has  occurred.   This  is  a
              catch-all for errors not listed above.

       SSH Communications Security Corp.

       For more information, see


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