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SSH Tectia 
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SSH-DUMMY-SHELL(1)             SSH2            SSH-DUMMY-SHELL(1)

       ssh-dummy-shell - Ultimately restricted shell

       ssh-dummy-shell [-c sftp-shell]

       ssh-dummy-shell is used to provide access to systems where
       only file transfer functionality is permitted.  Users with
       file-transfer-only  access  can  have  ssh-dummy-shell  as
       their user shell.  When executed without  any  parameters,
       the  program waits for the user to press any key and exit.
       The only way to execute programs with  ssh-dummy-shell  is
       to  give  them  as  command-line  parameters  with  the -c
       option.  Even then, sftp-server is the only  allowed  com-

       -c command
            The  parameter  is executed as a shell command.  Only
            the sftp-server command is allowed.  Any  other  com-
            mand causes ssh-dummy-shell to exit immediately.

       ssh-dummy-shell returns the return value of the given com-
       mand.  If no command is given, 0 will be returned on exit.

              Contains the message that is shown to the user when
              ssh-dummy-shell is executed without any parameters.

       SSH Communications Security Corp.

       For more information, see

       sftp2(1), ssh2(1), sshd2(8)

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