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SSH Tectia 
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SSHD2 Cannot Be Started as a Started Task

Please see the correct started task format from the SSHD2 example in /usr/lpp/ssh2/doc/zOS/SAMPLIB.

If the task fails, please see the output of the stderr file defined on the started task (by default /home/SSHD2/sshd2.err).

If the output contains the following text, then either the environment file is missing, the variables are wrong or the dataset format of the environment dataset is corrupted:

Please set the environment variables for running SSH Tectia (M):

Check that the environment file is defined correctly by using the STDENV DD card.

Check that the content of the environment dataset is the following:


Check that the environment dataset does not have sequence numbers at the end of the lines, which the C runtime does not accept.

To delete the possible sequence numbers, use the NONUM option in the TSO editor, scroll to the right end of the line with PF11, and delete the numbers.

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