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SSH Tectia 
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The directory structure is shown below. The space requirements are approximate upper limits.

  • /usr/lpp/ssh2

    Executable binaries, setup scripts, manual pages

    Space: 300 MB, 400 Cyls, Read-only after installation

  • /etc/ssh2

    Configuration files and keys for the server

    Space: 32 kB, Read/write

  • $HOME/.ssh2

    Each z/OS user account that runs SSH client programs or accesses the server must have a USS home directory. The system will create the .ssh2 directory. It contains the user's configuration files and keys.

    Space: 32 kB, Read/write

  • /tmp

    Server process ID files.

    Space: 32 kB, Read/write

  • /tmp/ssh-username

    Users' temporary files used in SSH agent forwarding.

    Space: 8 kB, Read/write

SSH Tectia Server (M), when installed, mainly consists of a directory structure under /usr/lpp/ssh2. You may create a symbolic 'ssh2' link to the place where the directory structure resides under /usr/lpp or you may want to create a separate HFS or XFS file system for it.

The setup script and runtime programs of SSH Tectia Server (M) create the /etc/ssh2 and $HOME/.ssh2 directories as needed. If you want any of these 'ssh2' directory levels to be a link to some other spot in your directory hierarchy, create the link before running the setup script or program.

The /tmp directory must exist in advance and it must be user-writable.

The SSH agent forwarding status files under /tmp are temporary and valid only while the actual user process is running.

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