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SSH Tectia 
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Setting Up a Shell User

Users that will use SSH Tectia Server (M) from a remote host must have an OMVS segment in their RACF profile. In addition a user must have a home directory in the USS file hierarchy if he is going to access the USS shell or execute USS shell commands or run SSH Tectia Server (M) client programs on the mainframe. The requirements are the same as for accessing USS with Telnet on port 1023.

z/OS users that will use the SSH Tectia Server (M) client programs to access remote hosts need the same OMVS environment.

The ADDUSER job creates a new user profile and a home directory (see Appendix ADDUSER).

Note: The job deletes any existing profiles.

Note: See the chapter Environment Files on how to control file transfer.

Authenticating Remote Hosts

Using Password Authentication

Using Public-Key Authentication

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