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SSH Tectia 
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Man Pages

The following manual pages are included in the SSH Tectia Server (M) distribution:

  • scp2(1): secure copy client
  • sftp2(1): secure FTP client
  • ssh-add2(1): adds identities for the authentication agent
  • ssh-agent2(1): authentication agent
  • ssh-certview(1): certificate viewer
  • ssh-cmpclient(1): certificate enrollment client
  • ssh-dummy-shell(1): ultimately restricted shell
  • ssh-ekview(1): external key viewer
  • ssh-externalkeys(5): general documentation about using external keys with the ssh2 software
  • ssh-keygen2(1): authentication key pair generation
  • ssh-probe2(1): seeks Secure Shell servers from the local network
  • ssh-sft-stage(1): stage and destage MVS datasets and files
  • ssh2(1): Secure Shell client (remote login program)
  • ssh2_config(1): ssh2 configuration file format
  • sshd-check-conf(5): check what your configuration allows or denies based on incoming username and/or hostname
  • sshd2(8): Secure Shell server daemon
  • sshd2_config(5): sshd2 configuration file format
  • sshd2_subconfig(5): advanced configuration of sshd2
  • sshregex(1): describes the regular expressions (or globbing patterns) used in filename globbing with scp2 and sftp2 and in the configuration files ssh2_config and sshd2_config

Please refer to the above-mentioned man pages for command syntax descriptions and usage instructions.

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