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The Network page allows you to specify the network interfaces the server is listening for connections.

Tectia Server Configuration - Network page

Figure 4.10. Tectia Server Configuration - Network page

The list shows the interfaces Tectia Server is listening on. You can specify several listeners to different addresses. Also multiple ports at the same address can be listened to.

To add a new network listener:

  1. Click Add. The Listener dialog box opens.

    Editing a listener

    Figure 4.11. Editing a listener

  2. Enter the ID of the listener. The ID must be unique.

    Enter also the Port number that the server listens on (allowed values are 1 - 65535). The default port is 22.

    Optionally you can also specify the IP Address of the network interface card where the Secure Shell server socket is bound. If the address is not specified, the server will listen to the given port on all interfaces.

    Click OK when finished.

To edit a listener, select the listener from the list and click Edit.

To remove a listener, select the listener from the list and click Delete.


The server has to be restarted to use the new listener settings.




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