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SSH Tectia

LAM Submethod on AIX

AIX systems use the Loadable Authentication Module (LAM) as their default subsystem for providing the identification and authentication facilities. In SSH Tectia Server, support for LAM can be enabled as a submethod of keyboard-interactive authentication which uses an AIX-LAM plugin.

When LAM is used, SSH Tectia Server transfers the control of authentication to the LAM library, and expects in return information on whether the user authentication was successful or not. SSH Tectia Server does not need to be aware of the details of the actual authentication methods employed by LAM, it only reacts to the returned authentication success result.

The AIX-LAM plugin can also be enabled to request password changing in case the user password has expired. To enable LAM on SSH Tectia Server running on AIX, and to allow also changing of the password, use the following settings in configuration file ssh-server-config.xml:

      <authentication name="authentication">
        <auth-keyboard-interactive >
           <submethod-aix-lam enable-password-change="yes" />
        </auth-keyboard-interactive >




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