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SSH Tectia


SSH Tectia Server requires a license to function. The license file is named sts61.dat

Depending on the platform for which you have purchased SSH Tectia Server, consider the following license-related issues:

  • On Unix, you need to install the license file manually to directory: /etc/ssh2/licenses

  • On Windows, the installation wizard automatically copies the license file to the correct directory when installing from the CD-ROM or from an extracted online package.

    After installation, the license file is located in the default installation directory:

    "C:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Tectia\SSH Tectia AUX\licenses"

  • On the CD-ROM, the license files can be found in directory: install/<platform>

  • In the online installation packages, the license files are included in the compressed files (zip/tar) together with the releasenotes.txt files and the PDF-format documentation.

  • Evaluation packages have a temporary license for 45 days. On Unix machines, a banner message will remind users of how many days are left until the license expires.


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