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SSH Tectia

Configuration Tool (Windows)

On Windows, the easiest way to configure the server is to use the SSH Tectia Server Configuration tool. Start the program by clicking the SSH Tectia Server Configuration icon in the SSH Tectia Server program group (or by running the ssh-server-gui.exe program located in the installation directory).

The SSH Tectia Server Configuration tool displays the settings in a tree structure. Select the desired configuration page by clicking the list displayed on the left.

If the configuration is generated and controlled by SSH Tectia Manager, the GUI does not allow you to modify the configuration. In such a case, you can only view the settings through the GUI. The OK, Apply and Restore Default Settings buttons are disabled, and the following warning message is dispayed when you open the Server Configuration GUI:


This x-x Configuration file has been created by SSH Tectia Manager. The configuration can not be saved from this tool. Please use SSH Tectia Manager for editing the configuration.

For troubleshooting instructions, see also Chapter 9.