SSH Tectia

System Requirements

The following operating systems are supported as SSH Tectia Server platforms:


Keep the operating system fully patched, according to recommendations by the operating system vendor.

The supported operating systems are required to have the following (or superseding) patches or maintenance levels installed. The listed patches have been tested with SSH Tectia:

HP-UX patches

The general principle is to install the latest HP-required patch bundle for the OS version, currently required bundles exist for 11i v1 and 11i v2. Proper functioning of the SSH Tectia software also requires the latest HP recommended patches for libc, pthread and linker tools. In addition, some individual patches may be needed to fix specific problems. Such patches are mentioned separately.


Check the HP web-site for any newer patches superseding the ones listed here. We recommend installing the latest version recommended by HP.

In case PAM/Kerberos is used on a HP-UX platform, install also the latest patches related to Kerberos. Get the latest versions from the Hewlett-Packard web site.