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SSH Tectia


SSH Tectia Server requires a license file to function. There are separate license files for each server type (basic, EFT, and Tunneling) and each platform. The following table shows the license files:

Table 2.2. The license files for SSH Tectia Server

The license files for SSH Tectia Server
SSH Tectia Server TypeUnixWindows
SSH Tectia Servertectia_server_53.licsts53.dat *
SSH Tectia Server with EFT Expansion Packtectia_server_with_eft_53.lic
SSH Tectia Server with Tunneling Expansion Packtectia_server_with_tunneling_53.lic

* The name of the license file is the same, but the contents are different with each server type.

On the CD-ROM, the license files can be found in directory install/<platform>.

After installation, the license file should be located in /etc/ssh2/licenses on Unix and in "<INSTALLDIR>\SSH Tectia AUX\licenses" on Windows (the default installation directory is "C:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Tectia").

On Windows, when installing from the CD-ROM, the license file is automatically copied to the correct directory. In other cases, the license file has to be copied manually.