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SSH Tectia

Installing the SSH Tectia Server Software

This section gives instructions on installing SSH Tectia Server locally on the supported operating systems.

SSH Tectia Server can also be installed via SSH Tectia Manager. For instructions on that, see SSH Tectia Manager Administrator Manual.

You can find the installation packages on the web or order an installation CD-ROM.

To download the online installation package, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to

  2. Go to Shop Online (or Evaluation Versions), and select the relevant version of SSH Tectia Server.

  3. Fill in the registration fields.

  4. Study the license agreement, and if you approve, click Accept and continue.

  5. The SSH download service sends a verification code to your e-mail. Copy the code from e-mail to the Email-Adddress Verification window on the download site, and click Complete registration and download.

  6. Download the selected SSH Tectia products. Save the compressed files to your disk.

  7. Proceed to the installation. See the installation instructions for SSH Tectia Server per platform in the following sections.

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